Continuous Integration & DevOps Tools - Automated Software Configuration Management, Build and Unit Tests


Commercial Continuous Integration & DevOps Tools


AnthillPro brings together the responsiveness and agility of automation with role-based security, strict auditability, and traceability.


Continuous integration server.


Cascade is a commercial software configuration management tool suite.


CircleCI makes it incredibly easy to set up Continuous Integration and Deployment. Connect your Github account, and we automatically set up your tests. We support Ruby, Python, Node, Java, PHP, and more, connected to MySQL, Mongo, Postgres, Cassandra, Riak, etc. Tests are run on a managed platform tuned for speed, can test many code pushes concurrently, and can split large test suites to run them in a fraction of the time, all automatically. When tests complete, new code can be deployed automatically, to ensure your code gets to customers immediately.


ElectricFlow from Electric Cloud is a suite of products which enable Continuous Delivery by automating build, test and deployment processes. ElectricFlow gives Dev & Ops teams the shared control, visibility and domain-specific capabilities required to automate build, test and deployment processes at scale.

FinalBuilder Server

FinalBuilder Server is a powerful automated build and continuous integration server.


Commercial continuous integration tool.


MikeCI is a Hosted Continuous Integration Web-based service for software builds offering agile benefits to any development team. Using Amazon EC2 secure hosting your projects are backed up and process.


Nolio is a software platform for automating the deployment, maintenance and management of web and distributed applications across the data center.

OpenMake Meister

OpenMake Meister provides an enterprise level continuous integration build server allowing for build loops to be triggered by an SCM Check-in Process with full workflow and build management processing.


Parabuild is a software build and release management system that helps software teams to release on time by providing them practically unbreakable release builds and Continuous Integration.


Pulse is a continuous integration server that is simple to set up and easy to use while providing advanced features.


QuickBuild is a continuous integration and release management server. It provides a central place to produce, deploy, test and release software builds.


Railsonfire provides Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for Ruby code hosted on GitHub.


TeamCity is a continuous integration and build management system.